Women in MIUA workshop

WiMIUA is co-located with

26th UK Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis

27 July 2022

University of Cambridge

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The WiMIUA is co-located with the 26th Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA 2022). The event provides a unique networking platform for academia and industry including engineers, mathematicians, clinicians and entrepreneurs. The event consists on (e)-poster sessions, invited speakers and social gatherings. The WiMIUA covers several themes including but not limited to:

Machine Learning Methods for Image and Biomarkers Analysis Image Registration, Segmentation and Reconstruction Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Neuro and Cardiac Imaging Geometric Deep Learning Theoretical Machine Learning for Medical Data
Surgical Systems Visualisation Methods for Medical Data Surgical Planning and Analysis

Organising Committee

The Chairs are comprised of academic members from University of Cambridge and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

WiMIUA Workshop Organising Committee:

Angelica Aviles-Rivero
Angelica Aviles-Rivero

University of Cambridge

Tamara Grossmann
Tamara Grossmann

University of Cambridge

Sarah Hickman
Sarah Hickman

University of Cambridge

Shujun Wang
Shujun Wang

University of Cambridge

Advisory Board:

Polina Golland
Polina Golland

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Julia Schnabel
Julia Schnabel

Technical University of Munich

Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb

University of Cambridge


Local Volunteers:

Zhening Huang
Zhening Huang

University of Cambridge

Lihao Liu
Lihao Liu

University of Cambridge

Christina Runkel
Christina Runkel

University of Cambridge

Lipei Zhang
Lipei Zhang

University of Cambridge

Chaoyu Liu
Chaoyu Liu

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Yanqi Chen
Yanqi Cheng

University of Cambridge

Zhongying Deng
Zhongying Deng

University of Surrey

Sam Cheng
Sam Cheng

City University of Hong Kong

Jiahao Huang
Jiahao Huang

Imperial College London

Iman Somi
Iman Somi

University of Cambridge

Keynote Speakers

Prof Fiona Gilbert

Professor of Radiology, Head of Department. University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

Prof Fiona Gilbert

Professor of Radiology, Head of Department. University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine.

Biography: Prof Fiona Gilbert is an academic radiologist who undertakes assessment of new imaging techniques to improve patient outcomes. As a breast radiologist she is evaluating risk based screening and impact of Artificial Intelligence and novel functional imaging in cancer. Professor Gilbert has contributed to various advisory boards establishing national standards for medical imaging, sat on a number of grant giving bodies and chaired the Academic Committee at the Royal College of Radiologists. She is President of the European Society of Breast Imaging 2020-2022 and is Chair of the breast subcommittee of the Radiological Society of North America 2019-2022. She was an NIHR Senior Investigator 2016-2020. In 2019, she was awarded an Honorary Membership of the Radiological Society of North America and in 2021 she will be awarded the Gold Medal of the European Society of Radiology.She was appointed Head of Department of Radiology at the University of Cambridge in 2011.

Dr Yueming Jin

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science University College London

Dr Yueming Jin

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science University College London

Biography: She is now a senior research fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University College London, in WEISS. Before that, She received my Ph.D. degree in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019, supervised by Prof. Pheng-Ann Heng and Prof. Chi-Wing Fu. Her research interests include artificial intelligence and its applications on medical image computing, robotic surgical data science. She recently works on spatial-temporal representation learning, data efficient learning, and multi-modality learning.

Important Dates

Submission System Opens 14th February 2022
Abstract Submission Deadline (1st Round Submission) 2nd May 2022, 23:59 GMT
Author Notification (1st Round Regular Papers) 11th June 2022
Abstract Submission Deadline (2nd Round Submission) 15th Jun 2022, 23:59 GMT
Author Notification (2nd Round Regular Papers) 30th June 2022
MiMIUA Event 27th July 2022


Registration for Women in Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (WiMIUA) is now open.

Registration Fees
WiMIUA only registration: £20.00
WiMIUA only virtual registration: free

WiMIUA is included in full/full student MIUA registration.

To register visit click HERE.

Call for Papers / Author Instructions

You are invited to submit your Abstract paper to Women in Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (WiMIUA)

The WiMIUA will be co-located with MIUA in 27th July 2022 and will be held hybrid (allowing both onsite and online participation) in Cambridge, UK. The workshop is a one-day event with invited speakers, poster presentations, and dinner event. While all presenters will identify as a woman, nonbinary or gender non-conforming, members of all gender identities are invited to attend. Authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to present their work in in Cambridge, UK (onsite or online are both welcome). There are no formal proceedings. Abstracts are non-archival: they may describe completed research or work-in-progress..

The paper submission system is now open.

We strongly encourage students, postdocs, and researchers in all areas of Medical Image Understanding and Analysis who identify as a woman, nonbinary or gender non-conforming to submit an abstract (1 page PDF) describing new, previously, or concurrently published research. We welcome abstract submissions in theory, methodology, as well as applications. While the presenting author need not be the first author of the work, we request that the presenting author be identifying as a woman, nonbinary or gender non-conforming.

Listed below are several important requirements for preparing and submitting a manuscript to WiMIUA 2022. Please carefully check the following requirements before submitting your manuscript:

1- Modification to manuscript template: Papers must be submitted electronically in searchable pdf format following the guidelines for authors and LaTeX/Word template available at HERE. Manuscripts should be up to 1-page (text, figures and tables), without linking to a longer paper or supplement. You should convey motivation and give some technical details of the approach proposed. While we acknowledge that space is limited, some experimental results are likely to improve reviewers’ opinions of your paper.
2- Breach of anonymization: The WiMIUA Conference review process is double-blind, i.e. the names of the authors, reviewers, and area chairs are not revealed to each other. Papers must thus be properly anonymized before submission.

The abstract submission deadline is 20th May 2022 in Pacific Time. Please check the workshop timeline through Section Important Dates .

MIUA Track Announcement!
We are happy to announce that this year all accepted papers in MIUA 2022 has the automatic acceptance to the WiMIUA 2022 event. That is, we are happy to invite all women and nonbinary (first authors and/or co-authors) to present their accepted paper in a poster format in our WiMIUA session

Thanks to our sponsors Microsoft and MathWorks, we will provide a prize for the best three poster presentations. Please register your interest here.

Review Process
Submissions will be reviewed in a double-blind setting. No written feedback will be returned to participants. Only the decision to accept. As above, we anticipate most abstracts being accepted.

Questions? Check out the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Section or reach us at Womeninmiua@gmail.com

WiMIUA 2022 Conference Programme

PDF version of WiMIUA 2022 Conference Programme

Conference Progrmme >
Conference Progrmme

Our Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by the following patrons:









List of Programme Committee

Samar Alsaleh, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia

Gabrielle Baxter, University of Cambridge, UK

Cheng Chen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

Mireia Crispin-Ortuzar, University of Cambridge, UK

Laura Daza, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Juan Carlos de los Reyes, Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Ecuador

Noémie Debroux, Universit√© Clermont Auvergne, France

Lorena Escudero Sanchez, University of Cambridge, UK

Yan Hu, University of New South Wales, Australia

Yuan Huang, EPSRC Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Multimodal Clinical Imaging, UK

Yueming Jin, University College London, UK

Dimitri Kessler, University of Cambridge, UK

Jinpeng Li, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

Kang Li, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

Luyang Luo, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

An-ran Ran, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

Linwei Wang, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Ramona Woitek, University of Cambridge, UK

Yicheng Wu, Monash University, Australia

Xiaohan Xing, City University of Hong Kong, HK

Cheng Xue, CUHK, HK

Ghada Zamzmi, National Institutes Health, USA

Yuhan Zhang, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Weiqin Zhao, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science ,The University of Hong Kong, UK

Kang Zhou, ShanghaiTech University, China

Lingting Zhu, The University of Hong Kong,

Frequnetly Asked Questions

What dates is WiMIUA?
27th July 2022

When is the deadline for abstracts?
20th May 2022 11:59pm GMT

I don't identify as a woman. Can I still attend WiMIUA?
Yes, all genders are welcome to attend.

Can I just attend WiMIUA and not MIUA
Yes, you will need to complete the separate WiMIUA registration to attend.

When and where is the dinner and how much will it cost?
We will have a dinner where location is TBC. The registration includes the cost of the dinner.

I don't identify as a woman. Can I still submit and present an abstract at WiMIUA?
All speakers and poster presenters will be people who identify as women, as our goal is to promote women in medical image analysis.

Will the session be available virtually
Yes, the session will be available online and registration is the same as the in-person event

Does a WiMIUA accepted abstract as a publication, such that a DOI will be assigned?
No, the extended abstracts will not be assigned a DOI or published in an editorial proceeding. But we will release the workshop proceedings on the workshop webpage

Can I submit more than one abstract
Yes, you are able to submit more than one abstract to this event. However, each abstract should be a separate distinct piece of work.

How can I find out more information?
Please follow our twitter (@WomenInMIUA) as well as e-mail us (Womeninmiua@gmail.com) if you have any further questions.

Can I submit an abstract to both the MIUA and WiMIUA?
Yes, you can submit an abstract to MIUA and WiMIUA. The only restriction is that the abstracts must not be exactly the same for both events.

Code of Conduct

The Women in Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (WiMIUA) 2022 workshop is dedicated to increase the diversity and inclusivity in the community. The open exchange of ideas, the freedom of thought and expression, and respectful scientific debate are central to the WiMIUA workshop. This requires a community and an environment that recognises and respects the inherent worth of every person. The Code of Conduct outlines the expected standards of behaviour during WiMIUA activities.

All participants – attendees, organisers, reviewers, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers – involved in WiMIUA activities are required to comply with this code of conduct both during the event and on official communication channels, including social media.

Organisers will enforce this Code, and it is expected that all participants will cooperate to help ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Unacceptable Behaviour
WiMIUA is dedicated to providing an experience for all participants that is free from harassment, bullying, discrimination, and retaliation for all participants. This includes offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), politics, technology choices, or any other personal characteristics.

Inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour that interferes with another participant’s full participation will not be tolerated. This includes bullying, intimidation, personal attacks, harassment, sustained disruption of talks or other events, sexual harassment, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, public vulgar exchanges, and diminutive characterisations, which are all unwelcome in this community. Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above-mentioned behaviour, is also considered harassment.

No use of images, activities or other materials that are of a sexual, racial, or otherwise offensive nature that may create an inappropriate or toxic environment is permitted. Disorderly, boisterous, or disruptive conduct including but not limited to fighting, coercion, theft, damage to property, or any mistreatment or non-business-like behaviour towards other participants is not tolerated. Scientific misconduct—including but not limited to fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism of abstract submissions or research presentations—is prohibited.

WiMIUA encourages all participants to immediately report any incidents of discrimination, harassment, unprofessional conduct, and/or retaliation so that complaints can be quickly and fairly resolved. If you have concerns related to your participation or interaction at a WiMIUA activity, observe someone else’s difficulties, or have any other concerns you wish to share, you can make a report:

  •       Anytime: By email to womeninmiua@gmail.com
  •       During the event: In-person to organisers and volunteers.

Complaints and violations will be handled at the discretion of the WiMIUA and MIUA co-chairs. Reports made during the conference will be responded to within 24 hours; those at other times in less than five weeks. All reports will be handled as confidentially as possible, and information will be disclosed only as it is necessary to complete the investigation and bring to resolution. We are prepared and eager to help participants contact relevant help services, to escort them to a safe location, or to otherwise assist those experiencing harassment of any sort to feel safe for the duration of the workshop.

Any participant asked by any member of the community to stop any unacceptable behaviour is expected to comply immediately. A response of “just joking” will not be accepted; behaviour can be harassing without an intent to offend. If a participant engages in behaviour that violates this CoC, WiMIUA retains the right to take any action deemed appropriate, including but not limited to:

  •       Formal or informal warnings
  •       Barring or limiting continued attendance and participation, including but not limited to expulsion from the event
  •       Barring from participating in or deriving benefits from future WiMIUA activities
  •       Reporting the incident to the offender’s local institution or funding agencies
  •       Reporting the incident to local law enforcement

The same actions may be taken toward any individual who engages in retaliation or who knowingly makes a false allegation of harassment.

We gratefully accept feedback from the WiMIUA community on policy and actions using the email contact above.

This code of conduct policy was written by adapting the wording and structure from other code of conduct policies and procedures by Women in Machine Learning, Geek Feminism Wiki (created by the Ada Initiative), NeurIPS, ACM, Montreal AI Symposium, Deep Learning Indaba.

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